CS-Riders Charity Concert
Nieuw Balinge
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This day we’re playing a show at CS-Riders in Nieuw Balinge.

This show is a charityconcert where all the earning of the concert are going to children in need of help. Our show starts at 20:00h sharp so come join us and grab a beer!

About CS-Riders:

“Using” the “image” of a motorcyclist helps us help.

We will respond where we receive a notification to help or support a child.
In many cases we can finish it by being there for kids, a so-called ride out is then organized.

A ride out is a slightly tougher word for a tour ride, in the ride outs the child for whom we are driving comes first. A child and family are picked up from home with the largest possible group of motorcyclists. We drive the most beautiful routes with this family and we often try to find an activity on the route that our guests want to go to.

The purpose of these ride outs is to give our guests a wonderful day, away from the contemporary worries that the family is often in, this may have to do with personal problems or with a disability.

If we have driven a ride out, we offer the family to be included in our database, which means that the child / family will be linked to one of our ambassadors. This ambassador is the first contact person in the family and can and may be approached if our help / support is needed. Until the child is 18 years old we as a foundation will keep in touch.